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The blouse worn with a sari in modern India has its origins in the traditional choli, evolving with Mughal and Western influence. British modesty regulations during the colonial era, the Christian missionaries, social reformers, and the freedom movement also left their impact on the sari blouse's progress and popularity.
India is home to a diverse variety of stitched and unstitched apparel due to its ethnic and regional variations. Sari, an unstitched draped garment, is a distinct attire of women in the Indian sub-continent. The sari is worn with an underskirt, called the petticoat, and a short fitted blouse known by various names across India. The most popular term for the blouse is choli, the other vernacular words being ravikalu in Andhra Pradesh, ravikkai in Tamil Nadu, and kuppas or kupsa from kurpasaka in Karnataka.
The sari blouse is different from a Western blouse in terms of its fit and styling. Historians claim that the sari blouse is an offshoot of the choli, a traditional woman's upper garment usually teamed with a long flared skirt called the ghagra or paired with a sari. A typical traditional choli is a body fitting garment supporting the bust, and tied at the back with strings, whereas a sari blouse that appeared at a much later date has a front fastening with hooks and eyes and covered back; a well-constructed garment with darts that supports the bust line and accentuates the female body form. The blouse worn with a sari reveals the midriff owing to its short length. It is believed that the baring of the midriff is in accordance with the ancient beliefs, and Natya Shastra, age-old literature on dance and costumes, describes the navel of the Supreme as a means to the foundation of life and innovation.

Types of Blouses

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In a boat neck, the shoulders and collarbone are exposed, adding the effect of the boat being open and giving a "free" look to this particular neckline

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Bardot top – Off shoulder top. An off-shoulder top has a lower neckline that leaves the top of the shoulder uncovered. It is also called a Bardot top after the Hollywood beauty Brigitte Bardot.

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Princess cut blouse designs add oomph to your blouse & cholis Well, a princess cut blouse design involves a curved line of stitch that moves from the center of the sleeve downwards.